Dallas Bathroom Remodeling Experts Provide Peace Mind for Seniors and Disabled Homeowners

Handyman Dallas TX Bathroom Remodeling and Home Modification for Seniors -- Make House a Home for a Lifetime.  Independent Living is about Freedom of Choice.  It's about being included and the Dallas Handyman celebrates people with disabilities living a high quality life.

HANDYPRO Handyman Dallas TX Service Bathroom Conversions

Best Bath Walk in Shower unit with sliding shower head and grab bars making it easy to enter and exit the shower while removing the trip hazzard of a standard tub. 

Out swing full therapy tub with sliding shower nozzle. Doors swing outward to make entering easier and also to make emergency exits possible without having to wait till the water is completely drained to open the unit.

Converted wet room solving virtually every problem that comes with having to clean a bathroom. Hanging sink and toilet and mold resistant flooring with fan ventilation in ceiling to remove moisture very quickly.  The entire bathroom is a shower with draining in the floor.

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